If you change your religious faith just to get married you’re a joker- Benjamin Zulu

If you change your religious faith just to get married you’re a joker and you’ll get the whiplash of fools.
You see, matters of faith are deep and fundamental to who you are. It’s from your faith that you derive your deepest sense of identity: who you are, what your life is about, and the things you value in life. Your faith informs everything you do and the lifestyle you adopt.

If then you can change from one faith to another just to join your lover, you’re too shallow and undeveloped as a human being. You can always change from one system of faith to another one of course, but it should be because you’re persuaded about it, not because you’ve fallen in love with a person.

If you ride on love and switch to another faith, soon you will be surprised to learn that you don’t share the deeper values of life; how to handle money; where to go for help in times of crisis; how to relate with friends and family; what values to raise children by.

In short, there’s more to life than just love and romance. You need to get rooted in your convictions and marry a person who shares those convictions if you want a peaceful life.

What about marrying someone from a different denomination? Sometimes you share the religion but you belong to different churches, and the answer is to check whether your beliefs around core areas of life are compatible. Beliefs determine behaviour. Don’t just focus on the denominations but the teachings and if you can coexist and collaborate in a marriage without a stalemate.

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