If You See These Signs, Marry Her Already

1. She doesn’t make you feel jealous with petty mind games. Doesn’t disappear on you needlessly, and never plays childish pranks like sending other girls to ‘test your loyalty’ or creating pseudo accounts to flirt with you. She doesn’t have time for such cheap things. If you see these behaviors you’re dating a child and you should leave her to continue her babysitting period under the good care of her parents.

2. She accepts your imperfections without judgment or weaponizing them. She helps you get better in those areas in a friendly way. She believes you in ways that inspire you to grow. She doesn’t tolerate disloyalty and disrespect because she’s honest and considerate towards you too, but she’s patient when you’re working on your weaknesses in earnest.

3. She has solid opinions and not just ‘Idk.’ She’s not forceful or abrasive in giving her input but she has well-thought-out ideas that open your thinking in different directions. She’s resourceful and mentally mature.

4. She has a life you’re not a part of.
Friendships, hobbies, and her career. For this reason, she’s never bored or lonely. She’s not clingy because she has the stuff to do in her free time.

5. She thinks ahead.
She has the gift of foresight that many times will make her a lifesaver. She will think ahead, for instance, and carry snacks when she anticipates that you will be starving at some point during the day. Or she will have been saving money for her wedding preparations even before she met you.

6. She defends you against everyone.
Even if you’re wrong, she will first stand in for you and then correct you later in private. Most importantly, she will stand up for you against her own family.

7. She gives more than she takes.
She appreciates heartily when you give or do things for her until you feel motivated to do more. This is a hallmark of givers. They know the sacrifice of giving so when you give them anything they appreciate it deeply. But she’s also mindful to do things for you on her initiative. She will get you thoughtful gifts that make your life better. A nice shirt. A durable belt. An executive wallet. A doormat for your house.

8. She helps you clean your mess.
This is a hard one. During dating and searching many men will have behaved suggestively toward many ladies while checking them out. He then retreated after realizing they were not it. But many of those ladies had fallen for him despite not being his type. And then they started to chase him or at least they sustained hopes and began to check him out from time to time. A good guy finds it hard to stop a woman straight away, especially because the ladies approach him indirectly. So the flirting may go on for a long time with some ladies taking advantage of the open doors to get financial help and emotional support from the man.

If you allow this quality woman to help you clean up these entanglements they will all have been put to rest within a few months and your life will become calm again. And yet she will not do it by quarreling or arguing but by wisdom and tact. Sometimes she will just tell you what to do or say and the situation will change.

(©️ Benjamin Zulu Global)

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