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If You Want to Date Successfully This is What You Should Do-Benjamin Zulu

If you want to date successfully without succumbing to fatigue and discouragement, you should keep the meetings low cost and authentic. The focus should not be the pomp you show up in, or what class of restaurant they chose for the date, but rather whether you got to talk in a deep way.

As a man you should refrain from over spending or taking ladies to hotels beyond your budget. You just need an atmosphere of calm where you can take something simple and talk. Lunch and coffee are ideal. This way you can meet five different ladies in a month and it doesn’t distort your budget or leave you feeling used.

As for the ladies, keep sex out of it and bring your sense instead. Meet at daytime and in public places. Do not drag on communicating with someone you caught up onlinr when you’re not meeting in real life. That’s how small heartbreaks result and they drain your energy.

Most importantly, know what your essential needs in a relationship are, and focus your survey on those, not just enjoying the person’s company.

Lastly, remember the three ‘vitals’ in checking a potential. Timing: are they looking to settle now? If they’re not sure, abort any further engagements.

Personality: beyond the sweet chemistry, are your goals and gifts aligning? Background: have they evolved into an independent person yet or they’re still the alter ego of their parent? Or worse, a beast of burden for a codependent and dysfunctional family?

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