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The inaugurated second Governor of Busia County, H.E Dr Paul Nyongesa Otuoma has assured the Iteso community that he will accommodate them in his government without any discrimination whatsoever.

Speaking during a thanksgiving mass and homecoming of his deputy, H.E Arthur Odera at Moding Primary School grounds in Teso North Sub County, Dr Otuoma said rumours that were peddled by his critics purpoting to segregate him from the Teso community should be discarded at all costs.

” I have had a good rapport with the Iteso before the baffling revelation by a Bishop in Apokor during a mass sometimes back puporting that I am a man who promotes hatred which to me was a pack of blatant lies,” he said.

The new Governor said he was branded a dangerous man who who abuses people and gives them corporal punishment, noting that it was nothing but a pack of blatant lies that were geared towards denying him votes from the Teso community

He added: ” Despite the orchestrated lies I paid a courtesy call to the new Iteso cultural leader His Highness Emormor Papa Paul Sande Emolot in company of his deputy, Arthur Odera where he gave us advice and the need to embrace unity.”

The Governor said despite the propaganda, he will not relent in his pursuit to unite all county residents from Changara to Osieko, plegding to make Busia a great county that will attract investors to spur its economic growth.

Otuoma said their task is to offer efficient services to county residents by addressing challenges facing them including drugs shortage, water scarcity, youth unemployment, poverty, education bursary, elderly funds and luck of credit facilities.

” We have a task ahead of us, It will not be business as usual in excution of duties. We need to change our thoughts and go an extra mile to do what to deliver for county residents,” the new county chief said.

He went on: ” County residents can give us second term if we deliver for them. If we don’t work for the people we shall go home but which I don’t want to subscribe to since my duty is to serve them with all my zeal.”

Deputy Governor, H.E Arthur Odera attributed their victory to ” Usingizi” team which burnt midnight oil to ensure they have carried the day despite spirited efforts from their worthy opponents, thanking God for the overwhelming victory.

Iteso cultural Union Deputy Prime Minister, Fred Adungo, who had earlier coronated H.E Odera as Teso Elder on behalf of Iteso cultural leader H. H Emormor Papa Iteso Paul Sande Emolot said ICU will walk together with the new administration to ensure it succeeds in all its future endeavours.

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