‘Is it enough if we just sign an affidavit and start our marriage instead of doing a ceremony?’- Benjamin Zulu

No. You need to do a ceremony so that you can observe this person’s demeanour when they’re required to commit to you in front of other people. You can tell a lot in that atmosphere that would otherwise take you decades to see.
In any case, if you’re prepared to sign an affidavit, you can also do a civil ceremony. They’re almost the same in terms of logistics. Only that for the ceremony you can invite friends and family. Not everyone is your enemy, and you shouldn’t make such a critical decision as choosing a life mate without your most trusted friends being present.
Avoid going into space of life where your life is at stake alone. Isolation precedes destruction. During battles that matter in life, you need your pack. They give you extra eyes and help you assess the situation better.
But we all know people take the route of affidavit as a patch up because they’ve already compromised the process. They’re trying to white wash the blunder and somehow fix the foundation when the building is on the first floor.
Process is your friend in this life. If you realize you’ve been carried away by feelings and skipped a step, correct that mistake by backtracking. Do not try to cover it up. You don’t want a crack in the foundation.

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