James Kemei Declares Interest in Simat-kapseret ward  

James Kemei alias Engineer has declared his interest in Simatkapseret ward  ward seat.

He says his aim is to empower men, women, and people with disability for them to earn a living.

“Once elected I will ensure that youth a majority who. are unemployed are empowered financially in a move to eradicate poverty through skill development since when a youth is equipped with essential skills, he or she can utilize them to feed, assist others, and even invest for future use, aiding the nation economically,” said Kemei while speaking to the press.

The seat is currently being held by Edwin Maraswo who is serving his first term in officer.

Concerning women Kemei said he will improve their political, social, economic and health status which will help them achieve sustainable development.

“I will also empower people with disability by informing, supporting, and enabling people to influence the local decision-making process by taking an active part in the services we receive. Empowerment is about inclusion, about being included in local issues and services that affect you,” he added.

He said he will come up with a programme dubbed ‘Zero hunger agenda, which is aimed at improving agricultural productivity.

“The program will help address both hunger and poverty, it not only increases the amount of food available but stimulates economic growth by creating jobs, both on- and off-farm, which raise people’s incomes and enable them to purchase food.

He said that everyone has the right to quality health care no matter his or her financial background.

“I will ensure that we have more hospitals in my ward and ensure that thye are equipped with drugs and state of art equipment we want our electorates to get health servicesat their door steps,” he said.

Children who take part in early childhood education programs have improved social skills and do better in school, hey also learn essential life skills that stay with them forever. Most importantly, preschool is a place where children have fun in a safe and loving environment, my aim is to ensure they get quality education,” he added.

He said under his administration he will employ all genders.

“Gender equality is when people of all genders have equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities.Gender equality prevents violence against women and girls. It’s essential for economic prosperity. Societies that value women and men as equal are safer and healthier,” he said.

He noted that if elected cases of shortage of water will be a thing of the pat.

“Access to safe drinking water and good sanitation are vital for family well-being. It results in the control of enteric diseases, and boosts child health.Improved sanitation also helps the environment. Clean drinking water and good sanitation would not prevent infections without practicing good hygiene,”he added

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