Jenga Mkenya Movement Party leader Applauds President Ruto For Doing This

Jenga Mkenya Party Leader Reuben has applauded president William Ruto for the tree Planting initiative.

“To His Excellency Dr. William Ruto; our President, we give credit where it is due. I want to congratulate him for ensuring that planting trees in our country is a priority.To Government Ministries and NGOs that are doing something about tree planting,” said Kigame.

He called upon Kenyans to double up their efforts of planting more trees.

“I urge you all to double the efforts. To religious groups such as mosques and churches, please remember that planting and taking care of trees is a God-given
mandate. We should therefore fulfill it with the solemnity it deserves,” he added.

He urged families with homes and private investors to plant trees whenever and wherever it is possible.

“By planting trees, we will be able to combat the negative effects of climate change and increase our oxygen levels as well as our rain capacity. This will in turn contribute to the general improvement of our health and well-being as a nation,” Kigame said.

The Jenga Mkenya Movement Party leader called on citizens to keep the water bodies around us safe and

“Clean water is vital to our health, our communities, and our economy,” he said.

Kigame noted that it’s a huge concern that cities and towns are turning into concrete jungles, especially Nairobi.

“New buildings are being erected with little or no proper planning. This has led to congestion and pollution of our environment. In this regard, I would like to suggest that the Government decongest the by moving further developments to the more arid and semi-arid areas so that we can leave the green parts of Nairobigreen. I would also like to urge the Government to depopulate Nairobi by diversifying residential areas to other counties that are underpopulated,” he said.

“The Blind Go Green” is an initiative for the visually impaired, But I also challenge other persons with disability to join us in this worthy cause. Fellow Kenyans, planting trees is not just a preserve of the people who can see. It is a noble activity
that all of us should participate in, for the betterment of our environment; our health,
and our future.

” I am committed to seeing this initiative go to the rest of the country, including counties like Uasin Gishu, Elgeyo-Marakwet, and Vihiga. I hereby challenge my friend, Hon. Jebii Kilimo to organize with her County, Elgeyo
Marakwet, for us to plant trees in Embobut Forest, which is being depleted at an alarming rate,” he added.

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