Jenga Mkenya Movement Party Supports Dialogue Under This Conditions

Jenga Mkenya Movement Party leader Reuben Kigame has applauded the move by president William Ruto to have reacted dialogue with the opposition.

Kigame says the move is welcomed and that’s its overdue.

“We are pleased to note the President’s decision to invite the opposition to a bipartisan engagement in Parliament, a move that has been warmly received by the opposition. Consequently, the planned Monday and Thursday protests
have been called off,” he said.

He noted that as Jenga Mkenya they commend the government and the opposition for this positive step.

“We, however, note that this restricted process excludes many voices at the table. For instance, we as Jenga Mkenya represent many citizens who did not see a reason to vote or lacked a candidate to vote for in last year’s general elections. The voices of more than 8 million who refused to vote because the Jenga Mkenya

candidate was deliberately and unfairly barred from participating in the last elections were ignored,” he said.

He noted that the voices of this group were not heard nor are they represented in the coming bipartisan discussions.

“We are also concerned that the voices of Kenyans who do not support the protests and simply want peace and the cost of living to come down are not represented because the planned discussions seem to mainly focus on electoral issues. We insist that people-centered reasons must be at the top of any discussions,” the Jenga Mkenya Movement party leader said.

He said failure to prioritize the suffering of Kenyans is both useless, unnecessary and gross betrayal of the people.

“We want to assure you, beloved Kenyans, that we will closely monitor the nature and manner of the parliamentary bipartisan engagements to ensure that citizen-centered issues are prioritized and addressed as per our earlier communique,” Kigame said.

He called on president William Ruto to tackle critical issues affecting Kenyans, such as the high cost of living, unemployment, increase of school fees,
widespread embezzlement of public resources, importation of GMOs and other goods, exploitation,
corruption, over-taxation, misplaced government priorities, unconstitutional office creation, and the
need for ethnic inclusivity in government appointments.

“Indeed, if these people-centered issues are sidelined, Jenga Mkenya would be prepared to lead people-cantered protests in line with Article 37 of
our Constitution,” he said.

He reiterated that the anticipated parliamentary discussions must not promote the electoral interests of Kenya Kwanza and Azimio while sidelining the fundamental rights of the people of Kenya.

“It is a high time for the government to take decisive actions toward addressing these pressing issues and build public confidence in government institutions. This will require a firm commitment to accountability, transparency, the rule of law and good governance,” he said.

“Only then can we collectively realize our aspirations for a united, democratic, prosperous, just, and peaceful Kenya. We insist that every discussion on the future of Kenya must put people at the center and dignify them as the life and welfare of people comes before projects and political interests,” Kigame added.

The Jenga Mkenya Movement is committed to the formation of a united, democratic, peaceful, prosperous and people-centered nation, driven by Utu, Haki, Maadili na Ugatuzi.

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