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Journalists Urged to Promote Peace in Their Reporting

The Media Council of Kenya has called upon journalists to use radio as a vessel in promoting peace in the country.
This is by unearthing corrupt practices and doing investigative stories for the good of the people.

Speaking to the press during World Radio day, Prof. Cheptuk Rotich of Moi University school of information sciences urged Journalists to promote transparency and spread anti-corruption reports to the public, this will help enhance peace and prevent conflict in the country.

“Journalists should make sure they get conversant with the cultures and various communities
so that they can give true and relevant information to the people”, he said.
Prof Rotich asked media houses to give journalists support by ensuring they get sufficient training and understanding so that they know what to report and what not to.

“Media houses should train journalists to provide information without favoring one side so that communities are uncompromised. If the radio is used to spread propaganda it can cause a lot of harm”, said Rotich
The MCK Northrift Regional Coordinator Michel Joseph said journalists should report in a way that will benefit the common citizens.

Joseph noted that being world radio day, their agenda is to ensure that Radio does not cause chaos, but brings peace.
Alex Yator of Transparency International Kenya assured the media that corruption will be less prevalent if the media partners with government organizations in fighting corruption.

“I urge media houses to report corruption and tell investigative stories to the public, media should also link with government organizations that fight corruption as this will ensure corruption is less prevalent.”, said Yator
He further asked the public to promote good utilization of resources and establish media hubs and report corruption if such cases happen.

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