Kakamega Man Returns 14 Cows He Stole from Pastor While Naked and Eating Grass

A Kakamega man made quite the public spectacle last weekend after he returned the 14 dairy cows he stole from a pastor a week ago. Jumais said to have broken into the pastor’s home as he was at a church service and carted away with the animals.

Juma had become a thorn into the villagers’ flesh as he would steal any cattle he came across in the Kakamega village. He would sell the animals at a throwawayprice and leave the locals counting losses.

And so a week ago, just as was the norm, the man broke into a pastor’s home in the village when no one was around and stole all his dairy cows, leaving him with nothing. On returning home that evening, the pastor was reduced to tears after finding that all his livestock had disappeared.

He was so heartbroken as his entire hard work had gone down the drain. He called the police but there was no hope that they could help him recover the domestic animals as they were yet to recover other animals.
“The police cannot help you! We also reported to them when our cows were stolen and they did not help us,” the neighbours told the pastor.

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Doctor Kazimoto cast his famous catch a thief spell and assured the pastor that the thieves would return his animals in less than a day. True to his word, the following morning, a naked Juma went to the pastor’s homestead with the animals. He was also eating grass like the cows.

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