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Kakamega Woman causes drama after She used charm to Catch Cheating Husband

There was Bizarre incident in one of the Guests house in Kakamega after a man and a woman were stuck while being I intimate.

According to eye witnesses the man had been cheating and the wife decided to look for a way to teach him a lesson from a well known herbalist called Kazimoto Doctors.

“Today we have seen what e have not seen we only see it in television but today, my advice to men kindly stick to one partner and if you think you cannot just marry another wife since this is a sad condition,” said one of the eye witness.

The disturbing video showing the moment the woman busted his cheating husband in the act with another woman then went viral on social media.

“Men this is total shame, kindly avoid this at all costs,” he added. The woman says she was suspecting his husband to be the wife of cheating on her and placed charms on her so that she could get stuck while being intimate.

She says she sought assistance from Kazi Moto Doctors who helped her in catching the cheating husband.
My husband is now a good man thanks to Kazi Moto doctor.

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