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Kalenjin Council of Elders Speak on LGBTQ

Myot Council of elders has condemned the decision of the Supreme Court of Kenya that gave LGBTQ members the right to form associations.

Led by their chairman Alex Mursi they said the move is uncalled for and ill-intended and against the African tradition.

“This has never happened in our time as Kalenjin elders we condemn it with the strongest terms possible and we will not allow it to happen,” said Mursi while speaking to the press.

“Those who are thinking of joining this group should avoid doing so because a large this is against our tradition and we will not allow our children to practice this foreign culture, we are African”, he said.
He said that the Kalenjin community is against the legalization of LGBTQ which has never been one of their customs and activities practiced or accepted amongst them.

“We support President William Ruto on the same and any person of sober mind should condemn it with the strongest terms possible ”, he said.

The chairman warned Kenyans against what the whites are doing making it a normal practice in the entire African society.
“We are going to come up with some disciplinary measures for those who don’t adhere to the rules and regulations provided on this. As a community we will not allow our future to be destroyed by some few individuals practicing the Western Culture ”, chairman Mursi said.

He further said as a council they are looking forward to raising a Godly generation that has good morals and avoid the young ones from considering involving themselves in this kind of act.

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