Kanga Foundation Brings Joy to the Elderly in Kobujoi Ward, Nandi County After Constructing 20 Houses For Them

Kanga Foundation Community based organization  in Kabujoi Ward, Nandi County  has put a smile on the  face of the elderly  after constructing 20 houses for them.

According to the Foundations’ patron   Edwin  Kipkemboi Arap Magut their aim is to ensure that the lives of the less fortunate in the society are uplifted.

“As a foundation we decided to build houses for the elderly   because we saw how they were suffering where most of them lacked decent houses,” said Kemboi while he handed a house to Beatrice Korir one of the beneficiaries while speaking to the press. 

“We are here today as Kanga foundation  to handover this house to Beatrice Korir, who has been ill for over 6 years rendering her blind and has  been living in deplorable conditions where she was rained on while sleeping,” said the Kanga Foundation Patron.

 He said that Kanga foundation is a  registered community based organization dedicated to serve the less fortunate in the society such as the disabled, widows, the sick and also empowering youths. 

“Since we were formed in February 2020 we have  constructed over 20 houses for the needy, distributed over three hundred thousand tea seedlings constructed bridges at at Chepkoiyo and Tolilo,” said Kemboi.

The Kanga Foundation Community based organization patron further said that despite the success thy face challenges such as lack of finance where thy thus depend on well-wishes and thus its also a challenge for the to get construction materials which are very expensive.

“For us to reach more needy people in the society,  we are calling on well-wishes to come to our rescue by donating anything they  have  for us to continue with this noble course.Let us help to improve the livelihood of people in our community.

Too K. Willy  the founder of the foundation said their future plans is to make sure that the elderly live in decent houses, the disabled be allowed to go to schools.

He said they started the organizarion after they realised that politicians only used them to get votes. 

“Our dreams is to ensure that the above groups  are living comfortably that is why we are asking for assistance from all works of life to make our dreams come true,” he said. 

Beatrice Chepkorir one of the beneficiaries thanked the Kanga foundation for their noble course. 

“I want to thank the foundation for building  this house since I was living in a very bad house which could fall  any time when there is harsh weather conditions,”she said. 

Chepkorir was hit by her husband on the head which rendered her blind  which was caused by small misunderstandings.

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  1. Good work team kanga foundation we are together and we shall assist where possible. B lessinge goes to all who alsways follonter to assist in anyway possible.

  2. Pravo team kanga for the good work…..may the Almighty bless the work of each and every individual who’s willing to assist the community

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