Kapenguria Man On The Spot After Asking For His Dowry Back On Claims That His Newlywed Wife Is Ugly

Moses Ole Dama delivered quite the shock when he went on a rant about wanting his 50 cows back paid as dowry for Priscilla Ntimamain Kapenguria over the weekend. He was furious, saying his uncles hid a significant detail about Priscilla; that she was uglier than the back of a warthog. This infuriated Priscilla, who had been quiet all along.

She had never met him, but she swore he wasn’t that good looking either. The accusations and counter-accusations went back and forth for a while, his family trying their best to calm him down. Things took a downward spiral when Priscilla’s father tried to talk to him. He grabbed him by the throat and wrestled him to the ground, much to the dismay of the on-lookers and relatives who had gathered for the official ceremony. A friend of Moses kept cheering him on, obviously intoxicated by the look of his red-shot eyes.

After a lengthy tussle, which was later criticized vehemently, they were separated and both parties had to retrieve. It was then agreed that a meeting will be held later to resolve the differences. Priscilla left, still looking puffed and infuriated by the foul nature of the language used to describe her facial phenotypical appearance. Moses’ family were rather disappointed by his outburst, for he had remained unmarried for a long time. At the age of 43, neighbors had started casting curious glances wondering if his celibacy is ever going to end. They were the ones who intervened on his behalf and found him a willing spouse ready for marriage. It was then quite the drama, as most expected him to be grateful that he was getting married at all.

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