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Keep Eldoret Town Clean-CEC Environment

Uasingishu County Executive Member (CECM) for Water and Environment Sanitation, Abraham Serem has urged residents to keep their areas of work clean even as the town gears to attain city status.

He said the County Government under the leadership of governor Bii is putting in efforts to ensure every part of Eldoret town is clean.

“Eldoret can only be beautiful and serene if all of us take efforts and work together,” he said
Speaking at the Bandaptai area of the town during unclogging exercise, he called upon residents from different works of life to keep their workplaces clean.

“We gathered here today to ensure this section of the town is cleaner, by unclogging the drainage”, said Serem.
The CEC further asserted that the area around Bandaptai had a high rate of human activities going on, especially in the garages, hence it requires frequent cleaning.

Serem noted that the County Government has made laws and policies to ensure the government is conserved and protected.

“Those who pollute the environment will be penalized”, said Serem

He said they are concerned with the well-being of citizens and their aim is to ensure residents stay in a clean and comfortable environment.

“We will ensure service provision for all people is enhanced, by keeping the town safe and clean. It is not only the county government’s responsibility to cater to the environment but also individual’s,” said Serem.

Serem called on the media to highlight County’s achievements.

“I ask the media to always highlight our successes and whenever you see points of improvement,
let it be realized and we will dedicate ourselves to work for the people of Uasingishu,” he said.

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