Keep Your Marriage Intact, and it will Keep Your Life Intact-Benjamin Zulu

Once more brothers, always keep your marriage intact, and it will keep your life intact. If you scatter it, it will scatter you.

Without compromising on your well-being, you should close all loopholes of straying and stay true to the woman you built from scratch with. As long as you know she’s true to you, stay true to her.

Your life must always be anchored on one woman. Beyond one woman, your life becomes a war zone, and you’ll be the ultimate casualty. Whether that’s a side chick, a second wife, or your mother with whom you have an unhealthy enmeshment.

But the one thing that you’re to watch most for is success. Not only does it attract women, but it puffs up your ego.

Making it in your career can easily become your downfall.

In most marriages, the man gets to big money first. The woman’s career picks up slower, perhaps because of childbearing or because she’s younger than him.

If he’s wise, he remains as authentic and humble with his wife as before, knowing that although he’s the one picking the fruit, they’re sowing the seeds together. He’s towering high because she’s supporting him below.

A good woman is a stabiliser in a man’s life, and it’s this stability that allows him to soar in his career.

Most importantly, being faithful to your family gives you credibility in the market. People develop questions about your character the moment they learn that you’re always moving from one woman to another. Even if your business or career is not related to family affairs, your clients will trust you more when they know that you have strong family values.

But money is deceptive, and when many men get it, they kick away the very ladder they climbed on. They elbow their woman to the side, and they start philandering. They may feel untouchable because of the money and the huge ego it puffs up.

Without realising it, in those other transactions, he’s no longer a partner but a customer. His value depends on what can be extracted from him. He thinks he can get true love in a false world, and that becomes his disillusionment.

Not only does he get siphoned of his money, but he also loses the stable support of his wife, and he begins to wobble. This is how society has lost great leaders and influencers. When they rose up somewhat, they betrayed their true wives, and they eventually deteriorated themselves.

Remaining faithful to your wife gives you stability and credibility, the two traits you need to rise to the peak of your life.

Your destiny depends on your discipline. Don’t let money mess you up.

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