KEMSA Chairman on Government Reforms


The Chairman of Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) Hon. Wilson Irungu Nyakera now says the government has been carrying out some pretty good reforms that will soon start bearing fruits.
However, its sad that no one communicates these achievements, giving the opposition a field day as they focus on the areas the government is failing.

“So, why are Kenya Kwanza vocal campaign supporters quiet now? My assessment is that there are 4 groups that defended KK vehemently during campaigns and are now no longer talking:There is a group that was rewarded with plum positions after elections and are now just comfortable – it’s their time to eat and can’t bother speaking, there is a group dissatisfied with their reward hence just quiet,” he said.
He noted that there is a group of media, bloggers and budding politicians that worked very hard and wasn’t rewarded at all and now they want to be paid to support government.

“The elected leaders feel government is not as popular as it was during elections and for that reason they prefer to stay away from publicly endorsing government agenda. The Government Spokesperson will have a tough job communicating government agenda on his own unless the above groups are re-engaged or alternatively seek new voices for the government,” he added.

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