Kenya to Have Its First Nuclear Plant in 2036

The Director of Legal and Regulatory service and Corporation secretary at Nuclear Power and Energy Agency has revealed when Kenya will have its first nuclear plant.

Speaking to the press in Eldoret town Justus Wabuyabu said Kenya will have its first-ever nuclear plant in 2036.

“Kenya is expected to have the functional nuclear plant in 2036, the cost involved is heavily estimated to cost sh 500 billion to generate 1000 megawatts of nuclear energy,” he said while speaking to the press.

He said once nuclear energy is affected Kenyans will have a reduction of the energy prices that are currently high.

He spoke during a validation workshop to confirm with the people of Eldoret if the things they said about the nuclear power project had been captured before the nuclear plant project is started.

Kenya is not the first one in Africa to have nuclear to have nuclear power program Egypt, South Africa have already set up nuclear plants

“Nuclear energy is clean energy does not produce any carbon emissions, it provides stable energy because you can run 24 months without stoppage, It will also generate employment for r 1000 people and over 100,000 people indirectly,” he said.

He further said that once the programme is over there will be improved infrastructure such as roads, hospitals among others in places where the plant will be put.

“With cheap energy, we will also be able to attract investors who will come to the Country for investment thus creating employment,” he said.

The nuclear plant will be installed in the Coast region.

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