Kenyan Journalist Bags Coveted International Award

Mercy Tyra Murengu who works at Milele fm has been feted with an International Award for helping people with Infertility.

Bareness and infertility is a sensitive discussion especially in African customs.

Lacking a child can be a nightmare and some people suffer community and family stigma.

Tyra a member of the Uasin Gishu Journalist Association has decided to venture into telling the stories of celebrities and people living with infertility.

Her efforts to share the stories were recognized when Tyra won an award with Merck foundation -More than a Mother.

The foundation has been giving awards to journalists publishing stories of infertility in Africa.

Tyra who had bagged over 16 awards in her journalism career says reporting on global health and gender reporting ,gives her the fulfillment that only comes after satisfying a true Passion that is being the Voice to the voiceless.

”I appreciate everyone who helped me along the way in filing these stories, sometimes I would break down, sympathize with my sources but still would make sure their voices are heard.I dedicate the award to those who helped through this journey ,” Said Tyra.

She says that the special awards category is reserved for those people who have been reporting on the issue of lack of children.

Tyra says she has specialized in global health and gender reporting.

“Men don’t like discussions around infertility and many people in the society blame women when couples fail to bear children, ” she added

Tyra says some men want to come out and speak about struggling with lack of children but they fear because the society is judgmental.

Some African customs isolate men who don’t have kids from participating in community issues making many of them not talk about infertility ,they would hide their status all together.

” I am very passionate about health stories and now am their voice. I go to the gynecologists and ask questions on their behalf,” she says .

Mercy educates the society about infertility and the solutions available for people struggling with it such as adoption and Invitro fertilization IVF treatment.

Africans look at infertility as a taboo living many people struggling yet they could find help.

The Mediamax journalist says she submitted her story when a chance came up on how celebrities are abused online for infertility.

“Celebrities entertain us but some of them go through a lot, for lack of children and so I decided to report their stories,” she narrates.

Tyra’s among other stories include “Tamaduni potovu zinazomdahlilisha mwanaume gumba katika jamii”.

Mercy who is doing her master’s degree at the Aga Khan School of Media and Communication to grow her career believes “It is not about being the best, it’s about being better than you were yesterday, “.

Merck Foundation More Than a Mother, is a movement that empowers infertile and childless women through access to information, education and a change of mindset.

The foundation holds award ceremonies to recognise journalists who tirelessly report on infertility in Africa.

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