Kenyan Man Goes From Doorman To An International Manager In Botswana

Brian Onagi grew up in Elgeyo Marakwet and studied business management at Nairobi University. He worked part time as a door man in a hotel in Nairobi after he failed to secure an accounting job a bank poached him months back.
Brian Onago worked as a door man for five years and decided to move to Botswana in 2011 to look for greener pastures.

While in Botswana, he secured a job as a cleaner after he failed to have a certificate in hospitality for the managerial job advertised that year.

“Botswana was tough as a beginner, I did not know anybody to help me navigate through their harsh economy so I resorted to consult a traditional herbalist known as KAZIMOTO DOCTORS to help guide me into succeeding in this new country, “explained Brian.

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Weeks after the consultation, Brian rose through the ranks at the hotel he worked as a cleaner and eventually landed the position of the general manger.

His employees promoted him after they saw a bright star in him which he was awarded by KAZIMOTO DOCTORS.
“I am happy to be the general boss to the people who never thought I would not be in this position today”, said Brian.

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