Kenyan Matatu driver, 42 years old, turned savings of Kes 1000 into Kes 7 Million in just 8 Months through Betting ,started his own bus company and build a 4 bedroom house.

Paul Kimani, a 42-year-old father of three and a matatu driver in Nairobi, has shared his story of how he turned his Kes 1000 savings into Kes 7 million in just eight months through Betting. Kimani revealed that he started betting two years ago to make extra money, but initially, he experienced a lot of losses. However, he found success in betting when a friend introduced him to an excellent prediction platform called SokaFans. In an interview, Kimani recounted his journey to success. 

“Paul Kimani, a 42-year-old father of three, has been working in the Matatu industry for over ten years. He started betting two years ago due to his love for football, but initially, he suffered a lot of losses. However, his fortunes changed when a friend introduced him to SokaFans, an excellent prediction platform. SokaFans features thousands of profitable tipsters who sell reliable betting tips at an affordable price of Kes 50. Kimani decided to give it a try for one week, and to his surprise, he won all his bets, realizing he had discovered a genuine prediction platform. On SokaFans, tipsters are ranked according to their winning rate, making it easy for gamblers to identify profitable ones,” he narrates.

SokaFans is a prediction platform that connects gamblers with profitable tipsters. The platform offers thousands of tipsters who sell reliable betting tips at an affordable price. Gamblers have the advantage of seeing a tipster’s rating and betting history before deciding to purchase tips from them. Tipsters on SokaFans are required to post well-analyzed odds to ensure that gamblers who buy from them win at least some bets.

“Since I began using SokaFans, I have been winning almost every day. On a good day, I make more than Kes 50,000 in clean profits. I have been using the platform for eight months now, and it has never let me down. Thousands of gamblers are winning every day, thanks to SokaFans. Most gamblers lose in betting because they rely on pure guesswork, but if done correctly, betting can be very profitable. Thanks to SokaFans, I have been able to expand my business and build a 4-bedroom house for my family,” he adds.

Getting started as a tipster on SokaFans is free, but you only get charged a small fee after your tips are purchased on the platform. If you are a football fan and skilled at analyzing matches, SokaFans is an excellent way to earn passive income, earning up to Kes 5,000 every day. The best thing about this platform is that it doesn’t consume much of your time; with just 10 minutes a day, you’ll be good to go.

If you’re interested in making some extra income through Betting, Visit SokaFans and Get Started. You’ll be grateful you did.

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