Kenyan woman recounts how she walked in the streets for help as life had really stroked her hard



June a 32 year old life had been so miserable just after her husband died of cancer. She was left with two children and which was her work to feed them despite hard economic times she had to face, keeping in mind she had no job at this particular time plus her husband left her with nothing she could be engaging in like a business or something of the sought to make ends meet.

She said she depended on aid from her parents and only one friend where she would feed her children and use the rest of money to pay her children school fees.
Life was really tough on her side as she even thought of quitting and committing suicide for she was not anymore in the position to take care of her family. Not that his father and mother were so much stable as there were just mere farmers hence did not have some huge source of income and she saw at some point she was just but a burden to them//She opted to go to the streets and try to borrow three to four people each day to have something to feed her family.

She would walk with a book in car stages and other bust places in Nairobi and she would get close to ksh 700 per day just from borrowing.

At times she would accompany herself with some groundnuts she would sell to people but really they were just a sign to show he never depended much on borrowing money and people would pity and give her money in the streets. She recalls a day when she had close to ksh 600 and walking in the streets only for a rogue man to pick pocket her and that day they were forced to sleep hungry together with her two children. She just had to boil some water and feed her children since money she had been depending was robed.

She continued to live in such some hard experience most of the times and she would even think of getting into prostitution to feed her family something she never did. After sometimes she was introduced to Dr Mugwenu by someone on the streets who talked to her and discovered she was not crippled despite her habit of borrowing money.

She met this traditional doctor and told him she wanted to do some business.Dr Mugwenu had some business spells to her and since then her life has changed as she owns her clothe selling shops as she even orders them from Dubai. She recalls her hard life and at times laughs with joy as it was only preparing her for some good life to come by.

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