Kenyans Attack CS Fred Matiangi After he Posted This About who Was Molested by Bodaboda

Kenyans have attacked CS interior after he posted this on his Facebook page.

Through his page he posted “I am shocked and disgusted by a viral video clip of a female motorist being molested by suspected boda boda riders along Wangari Maathai /Forest Road.
We must protect our roads from such vile and reprehensible acts of aggression,”

Matiangi called on the security agents to arrest all those involved in this heinous act.

This comes come after a video of a woman being molested went viral.

His post recieved mixed recieved many reactions here are some of their comments.

Keith says “Why are you not shocked with the situation in Baringo mr Fred Matiang’i ,situation is becoming messy daily,houses torched,education disturbed,several are killed,mortuaries are filled with corpses,generations will judge you sir for the neglect.
Tunategemea serikali.
Please come and salvage the situation in Baringo south

Brynax Brian says “Why get shocked on motorist being molested yet you not shocked of baringo residents being killed at Baringo by bandits,”

Kroger Manani says “You need to make an example of the whole lot if you are to succeed in reforming this lawless sector. It’s like govt is powerless before these fellows. Sad,”

Klighy says “What we have seen at forest road is barbaric and hooliganistic. It depicts how far we have gone to allow the untrammeled lawlessness of bodabodas in this country. A society that allows disrespect to women is a dead one,”

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