Kenyans Should not Expect the Sh 300 Gas Soon- President Ruto

President William Ruto lowered Kenyans hopes on the reduction of gas prices from as low as kshs 300-500 on the 6kg cylinder from the current price kshs 1,300.

During his interview with media personnel’s from different media stations across the country,Ruto said gas prices can be lowered if the budget on the petroleum products can be passed which is supposed to happen during the 2023/2024 financial year.

He also said the bill could not be passed on the supplementary budget because some changes were supposed to be made on the law thus making it difficult for the gas prices to go down as expected since our country is governed by laws which have to be followed.

“The budget has to be passed for the changes to take place where it never happened in the supplementary budget when we were pushing it for it to be effective as from June but it didn’t happen since it was forcing us to make some changes on the budget making it hard for us. “He said.

The president said that they are eliminating cartels selling gas illegally from the market.

“We have to remove all the illegal fillers from the market as they are undermining our efforts, “said Dr William Ruto.

He however assured Kenyans the plan is still in place.

“We have planned it well and it is in our budget, immediately the budget is passed we will have the gas available, “he added.

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