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Kenyans Urged to Maintain Peace as They Await Supreme Court Ruling

Kenyans have been asked to maintain peace as the Country awaits the Supreme Court ruling on the contested presidential election.

The Supreme Court judges are expected to deliver their ruling on the contested presidential elections.
Speaking to the press Yassin Hassan, coordinator Uasin Gishu County Eminent person says Kenyans should put in mind that in any contest there is always a winner and a loser.

“Kenyans should know and understand that in a race there must be a winner and a loser. Therefore, we should embrace the supreme court ruling regardless of who will win,” Silvanus Wasonga a priest in the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret said.

“I am a peace builder and peace crusader whether the ruling by the supreme court on Monday will favor the side that your supporting or not, we should stand for peace and if my side will not go through, it’s my prayer that god may god give you the grace to accept the ruling,” said Hassan while speaking to the press.

He congratulated Kenyans for maintaining peace during the August polls and urged them to replicate the same after the court ruling.

“We did wee during the election period by maintaining peace, I know we are still in this period as we wait for the Supreme Court Decision. Let us not drop the guard. May we continue to embrace peace and peaceful coexistence. The truth after the ruling is that some people will be celebrating while others not. Those celebrating should make sure they do so without mocking those not celebrating. Kenya is our Country and we should make sure we accommodate each other,” he said.

He called on youths not to be used by politicians to cause violence to incase their candidate is not favored in the supreme court ruling.

“For years the youth have been used for political incitements but times have changed. It is good that this year the youth have been able to stand firm on their decision to spread peace and this shows that we, as a country are slowly improving,” he added.

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