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Kenyans Urged to Maintain Peace Before, During and After that August Polls

Kenyans have been urged to maintain peace before,during and after the fourthcoming August polls.

Speaking to the press ,Vennance Unziru representing the Reformed Church of East Africa Southern Presybytary says Kenyans should embrace each other regardless of their political affiliations.

“As we are heading to the August polls I want to call upon Kenyans across the Country to maintain peace before and during elections, and live together as brothers and sisters since election is must a one day affair and your neighbor remain even after elections,”said Unziru while speaking to the press.

He also warned politicians against inciting and dividing Kenyans basing in their political or tribal affiliation.

“I am calling upon all politicians seeking elective seats to maintain peace and be in the forefront in preaching peace in their campaigns since we don’t have a spare country,” he added.


Unziru warned youths against allowing themselves to be used by politicians to cause violence during this electioneering period.

“I urge youths not to allow themselves to be used by politicians to cause violence since they are Kenyans and if the country burns their future will also burn, therefore peace is paramount. We can have differences politically but let’s maintain peace it’s only God who chooses leaders,” he advised.

He challenged IEBC to conduct questions free and fair elections which will be accepted by both parties.

“This time round IEBC should get it right by ensuring that the elections are conducted in a free and fair and verifiable manner.Let every party be contended with the results ” he said.

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