Kenyatta Stadium to be Transformed With World Class Amenities


Witness the transformation of Kenyatta Stadium not just a field of dreams, but a launchpad for our county’s sporting glory!

According to governor Natembeya with each brick laid, with each step forward, the stadium inches closer to a 25,000-seater colossus, brimming with world-class amenities.

“This is not just a stadium; it’s a beacon of hope, a magnet for international matches, and a catalyst for Trans Nzoia’s rise as a sporting powerhouse, ” he said .

Imagine the stands pulsating with the chants of our passionate fans, cheering on our heroes under the floodlights. Picture international stars gracing our turf, inspiring a generation of young footballers. This is the future we are building, brick by brick, together.

“The wait is almost over. Soon, under my leadership, we will proudly unveil this magnificent facility, a testament to our shared vision and unwavering spirit. Mark my words, Trans Nzoia will not just host matches; we will dominate them, ” said governor Natembeya.

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