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Kesses MP Dr Swarup Mishra to Donate cows to needy women

Kesses member of parliament Dr. Swarup Mishra now says he will donate 100 cows to needy women before the August polls.
Speaking during the Sugunanga and Saroiyot campaign rallies the Kesses legislator said this will help empower them financially.

“I will donate 100 cows to poor families in a program aimed at uplifting the residents financially, when you empower a woman you empower the whole community. This will happen before the August polls.,” said the Kesses legislator.

The Kesses legislator is among the best performing members of
Parliament where he has empowered women, youths, and people of disability financially to earn a living.
Dr. Mishra also said that he will give free National Hospital and Insurance Fund (NHIF) cards to over 1000 elderly women and men who are over 70 years.

“ If re-elected I will table a bill in parliament where Wazee’s and Gogos will get free NHIF cover from the government,” the Kesses legislator said.

His entry at Sugunanga and Saroiyot areas in Kesses Constituency was epic oiled by thousands of constituents who attended where the reception was heroic.

“ He says his aim as a second-term member of parliament will be to ensure 100 percent electricity, water, literacy level, water, and infrastructure,”
“Once re-elected I will ensure that there is illiteracy level in Kesses, no child will miss school due to lack of fees, there will be no corruption, improved health care services, and infrastructure,” he added.
Our 2022 agenda is very clear “MAENDELEO NA UWEZESHAJI”. and that’s what we shall continue delivering to the people of Kesses Constituency,” he added.

The Kesses first-term legislator says he will continue empowering his constituents in his second term in office which will make Kesses the best constituency in Africa.

“We will have an empowerment project projects for single mothers for the next five years where they will be empowered financially. We will also have a tractor which will be used for farming for small and large-scale farmers.

Mishra was the first MP to donate cows to his constituents once he was elected in 2017 and despite him working for his electorates the only mistake that he had committed is not supporting the deputy president.

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