Kiambu Lady Looking to Assassinate Millionaire Husband Gets Found Out, Made To Chew Grass As More Details Emerge

There are killer brides out here, who will stop at nothing to get rich. Maureen Mbaabu was unfortunately not so lucky, as her desperate attempt at silencing her husband and taking over his throne proved unsuccessful. She had planned the whole thing, in a notebook written in coded language. She had paid the deposit for the assassin to shoot Reuben Mbaabu before he gets into his car and get the rest of the payment after proof of death is confirmed.
Everything went to plan, except the part where Reuben was supposed to die.
Mysteriously, the gun developed issues, couldn’t fire bullets and the assassin jumped into a crocodile infested river shortly after. Moments later, Maureen went mad, started chewing grass in broad daylight, as neighbors called Reuben to report the matter. He came home as usual, only a bit later, to allow for the drama to take effect. He announced to everyone that his wife of ten years wanted her head on a spike. Neighbors gasped, wondering why she would want to end him. It was actually more simpler than that, she wanted all his money, a whopping Kshs. 654 million to herself.

Reuben was also quick to inform the on-lookers that he had sought protection spells from KAZIMOTO DOCTORS, who have been protecting him, his business and property for years. At 65, Reuben is still as healthy as a horse, and hasn’t made losses in his business since he obtained Dr. Kazimoto’s money spells. His empire has been growing steadily, making him millions annually. Despite his commitment to Maureen his wife, she saw it fit to risk it and take it all. Unfortunately, her gamble crumbled.

Thanks to KAZIMOTO DOCTORS, she had to pack her things and go. Still, Reuben maintained that he wouldn’t change his will, that she will inherit the house as planned, a large house fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. He forgave her and asked Dr. Kazimoto to let her go, alive. The case has made waves in Kiambu, with many men seeking Dr. Kazimoto for his aid in protection, as the threat of assassination becomes more realistic for the wealthy.

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