Kiambu Woman Shocked after Finding Her Mother in Her Boyfriend’s House: “I Will Kill You”

A woman from Kiambu county almost lost her mind after finding her mother in the house of her boyfriend. Sylvia, who had travelled from her house in Limuru to Kiambu to surprise her boyfriend on his birthday was left in shock after finding that her own mother had also travelled from their home to be with her boyfriend.

Sylvia arrived at her boyfriend’s house at around 11am but was shocked to find woman’s shoes at the door leading to her boyfriend’s house. She stared at them for a moment and it is then she realized those were her mother’s favourite shoes and so she was the one who was in the house with her lover.

She started banging the door, asking her boyfriend to open up the door.

“Kevo! Open this door! I know you are in there with my mother. Open this door I will kill you both,” she said.
However, it was not her lucky day because when Kevo open the door, he went ahead and started beating her up, while Sylvia’s mother joined him the beatings.

“From today, this is my man! Not yours!” Sylvia’s mother told her as she beat her up.

The heartbroken woman managed to run away before they both killed her and she went crying. She called her elder sister and told her how their own mother had snatched her boyfriend. The elder sister felt so bad that their own mother had acted in such a distasteful manner.

“Don’t worry sis. Let me send you the contacts of renowned traditional herbalist Doctor Kazimoto who will teach mum and your boyfriend a lesson for what they have done to you,” the elder sister said.

She sent him the number which is +254741930918and Sylvia quickly contacted the doctor and told her what her mother and boyfriend had done to her. Doctor Kazimoto cast the revenge spell as Sylvia requested and it truly worked in her favour.

This is because the spell made her mother and boyfriend so sick. They developed mysterious wounds in their private parts such that they could not walk. They called Sylvia and apologized for what they had done. They also gave her KSh 200,000 as their apology and promised never to go behind her back again.

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