Kipkenyo Residents Want the County Government to Rehabilitate the Dumpsite

A section of Kipkenyo Residents now wants the County Government to help maintain the dump site.
Led by Maslus Wambua, a resident they said that the condition of the dumpsite is wanting and can lead to residents contracting diseases due to the bad smell emanating from it.

“The Flies are making the area so uncomfortable due to the bad smell from the site. We are calling upon the County government to intervene and save the situation,” said Maslus

He further said that there is increased insecurity forcing them to close their businesses early since those working at the dumpsite their characters are wanting.

“Sometimes those working here become restless and they invade our businesses asking for a favor and when denied they break into them at night,” he added.

Bramwell Kogei complained that the dump site causes poor fresh air circulation in the area.
“The dump site may at times overflow to our home thus affecting people with breathing problems. Newborn children also have a hard time adapting to the environment,” Said Kogei.

He further noted that the pigs feeding in the dump site destroy their farms at night as they are mostly let into the dumpsite at night.

“It will be better if the dumpsite is fenced and the trash moved to the center of the site,” Suggested Bramwel Kogei.

Despite the government relocating people from near the dump site, the tidiness of the site should still be considered for the sake of those who remained at Kipkenyo.

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