Kipsangui Boys High School Parents Want the Principal Transferred

Kipsangui Boys High School parents now want their Principal Richard Tuimur Tranfered with immediate effect.

Speaking to the press they said the principal has messed up with the school leading to strikes and destruction of property.

Police officers were forced to camp at the school following an attempt by the students to torch the school, weeks after the rowdy students burnt down the school’s main store.

“As parents, we are not happy with the way the school is being run, how can our children be striking every now and then? We are calling upon the Teachers Service Commission to transfer him with immediate effect failure to which we will take laws into our hands,” said Rebecca Jemutai.

They accused the principal of mismanaging the school where he has employed none locals and only given tenders to his friends.

“It’s sad that there arw no locals being employed yet it is our school how will we benefit? We want him transferred and the competent one to replace him with immediate effect. We want the principal Out and investigated by the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission,” Savimbi John Bor added.

They also accused the Soy Subcounty Director of Education of shielding the principal.

“We want the Soy Subcounty Director of Education Erick Obiri transferred for protecting him so that he cannot be transferred. As parents, we won’t allow it to happen again. This principal should go for good and we don’t want him. The Education officer is always spotted visiting the principal’s office every week, none of the pertinent issues,” Salim Chepsiror said.

Soy Area member of County Assembly Issack Chirchir Tamogei Noted that the principal has been invoking the name of the President and other senior government officers intimidating both the Ministry of Education Officials and the community.

“We are shocked that people can invoke the name of the president when they are ultimately oppressing the community and willingly mismanaging the school for their selfish interests, we urge the relevant government agencies to swing into action and commence investigations over mismanagement of public funds” Tamogei noted.
“It’s time the principal is transferred for sanity to prevail,” he added.

Soy Sub County police boss Henry Zuma has confirmed the attempted torching of the schools’ dormitory warning that such a move could lead to a serious catastrophe.

‘We are abreast on the latest happenings within the school, we have had stakeholders addressing the complaints to a conclusive end,we urge all the students and the community to exercise patience” noted Zuma.

Similar sentiments have been echoed by Soy Sub county deputy county commissioner who has assured a speedy solution to the weighty allegations raised.

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