Kirinyaga Man Narrates How He Got Back His Tittle Deed Amid Many Years Of Battling With “Big Fishes”

Japheth waweru from Kirinyaga had been through it all in the sake of trying to protect his legally inherited ancestral land against powerful reputable persons who wanted to grab his piece of land since they considered it as a hot cake since it was meters away from the main road. Japheth was 34 years at that moment and was not in a position to fight with tycoons since he didn’t have enough monetary stable to even hire lawyers to present and defend his rights in a court of law.

Two months ago he narrated how unknown gang of people stormed his place and threatened to kill him and his whole lineage. He knew it was an inside job and also recalls how his late father Mr. Weche would tell him to protect that land with his blood and that never should he allow those who were after it to get their hands on their tittle deed which they had been longing and lusting for it in decades. Their former mayor Mr. Mwangi was the one behind the several attempts to grab that land because according to him he believed that it was an ideal place to build rental apartments. He knew very well that Weche’s sons were illiterate and he tried to manipulate them but upon failing in several attempts, Mwangi decided to use his power and money to get that land he has been longing for.

After Mwangi succeed in his plans to grab Japheth’s land, Japheth’s life turned upside down since the tittle deed was gone and he has no place to stay with wife and kids only to be accommodated by friends as he filed multiple cases only to fill the court files without getting any aid. He almost gave up until he came across KAZIMOTO Doctors. He contacted Dr. KAZIMOTO through KAZIMOTO Doctors cellphone number +254 741 930918 and was assured of restoration of his title deed. Dr. KAZIMOTO had to cast his powerful spells that worked instantly and two day later Mwangi was seen running all over the village holding the title deed since bees were all over his chest and face.

He returned the tittle deed which belonged to Japhet waweru and was also required to pay a hefty fine of ksh 90,000 for Dr. KAZIMOTO to reverse his Powerful Spells which were successfully reversed upon fine payment. Thanks to Dr. KAZIMOTO Japhet is now living his best life and also has protected his land from future grabbers by use of Dr. KAZIMOTO’S Powerful Protection Spells. KAZIMOTO DOCTORS offer a wide range of help in solving several problems and diseases and you can contact him via +254 741 930918 and he’ll be of help.

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