Kisii Family In Joy After Getting Help To Stop Their Late Family Member’s Spirit That Had Been Attacking Them For Years Giving Them Nightmares

The spirit of Kennedy Nyakundi a teenager who murdered himself 10 years ago was all out avenging for his death and was giving his family sleepless nights. It has been tormenting his family members because it is believed that the late Nyakundi killed himself for starving in the city despite the fact that he ailed from a rich family who were never sending him money to sustain himself. The late Nyakundi had been suffering in the harsh hostile city Nairobi which is considered “shamba la mawe”. He decided to hang himself after struggling to get his life on track after many years of suffering without any member of his family helping him.

According to Job, Kennedy’s brother he narrates that his late brother’s spirit was wreaking havoc in their family. For the past years they have been suffering from abnormal issues such as some of their family members suffering from weirdmental problems. They also narrate that they wake up in the morning to find their plants in their farms slashed to the ground. The noticed that their livestock would die on by one and they were afraid of losing everything they had.

They would wake up every morning and find blood stains on the doorsteps and they were all curious and afraid of the situation. They seeked help from the council of elders who performed some traditional rituals to appease the spirit but it never worked. Preachers would visit the compound on a daily basis but we’re also not able to curb the situation. They suffered a lot until they came across a powerful native doctor from Kitengela town called Dr. KAZIMOTO who performed his Powerful Cleansing Rituals that sent Nyakundi’s spirit back to the grave. Dr. KAZIMOTO’S Powerful Spells helped the family a lot since the family narrates its now months since they last fell disturbed by Nyakundi’s spirit.

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