Rosemary Auma made Ksh 3.5 million after accurately predicting 15 out of 17 games.The perpetually happy woman lost out on Ksh 347 million prize money by just two games.She was at the Sportpesa headquarters to pick up her money, which she readily pocketed. 

Rosemary hails from Kisumu, she is a regular lady in the city who operate a small business. She will spend some of the cash to expand the business.

She attributes her win to a prediction platform called SokaFans, a prediction platform that she learnt through a friend.

“It was my first ever Bets that i ever placed. I opened my Betting account in December but have never used until last week and that how i won Big. Since am not a regular football fan, i did not have so much knowledge about Betting and that how SokaFans really helped me.  At first i could see thousands of gamblers praising it on social media and i decided to give them a try and won big,” she narrates.

“What i can tell you is that SokaFans is real and legit and you are losing a lot if you are a gambler and not using it. My target now is to win the full Jackpot money and change my life complete,” she adds.

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