Kitale Buspark Set for Security Revamp: CCTV Cameras and Collaborative Efforts to Tackle Disorder

Kitale Buspark is on the brink of a major security transformation as the Trans Nzoia administration prepares to install an all-encompassing security system, complete with closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. The move comes in response to the escalating incidents of disorder and unrest at the facility, which recently witnessed a troubling security breach during Tuesday’s clashes involving matatu operators and Bodaboda riders, ultimately leading to the temporary closure of the establishment.

Speaking on Thursday at the county headquarters in Kitale, Natembeya underscored the significance of collaboration among public service vehicle operators, Bodaboda riders, and the county government to ensure the smooth operation of the facility. To accomplish this, the governor announced the formation of an interim Buspark management committee, comprising representatives from matatu owners , hawkers, Bodaboda operators, and the county director of enforcement . This committee will be entrusted with overseeing the day-to-day affairs of the Buspark.

In a well-attended meeting, the governor assured stakeholders that the Buspark would reopen its doors on Friday, promptly resuming its services. Furthermore, he reiterated his administration’s unwavering commitment to providing a conducive working environment for all parties involved, affirming, “The SACCOs’ leadership will continue to play their part in safeguarding their interests.”

The governor further emphasized the importance of upholding law and order at the facility, urging stage managers to lend their support to this endeavor. He addressed concerns regarding extortion by unscrupulous touts who have been preying on travelers, making it unequivocally clear that such misconduct would not be tolerated. “We shall not permit the Buspark to fall into the hands of thugs who intimidate matatu owners and passengers into submission,” he declared firmly.

Emphasizing that the facility was constructed using public funds, the governor stressed his administration’s dedication to maintaining efficiency and order. He implored the residents of Trans Nzoia not to pay rent to individuals who have falsely claimed ownership of the land. Additionally, he called on matatu owners to prioritize the employment of local residents, stating that only directors from each SACCO would be eligible for such opportunities.

Concluding his remarks, the governor cautioned politicians against exploiting innocent individuals for personal gain and engaging in activities that destabilize services at the Buspark. He underscored that it is unacceptable for leaders to manipulate others to further their selfish interests.

With the implementation of enhanced security measures, including the installation of CCTV cameras and the establishment of the interim Buspark committee, there is renewed optimism that Kitale Buspark will soon reclaim its status as a secure and efficient transportation hub within Trans Nzoia County.

In attendance were County secretary Truphosa Awuor,Trade CEC Stanley Kirui,his Lands counterpart Janerose Mutama,Jackson Amboka(Roads),Governance chief officer Sammy Sichangi,political affairs Director Joshua Werunga,Communications Director Prof.Felix Sialo and his enforcement Counterpart Fredrick .

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