KOICA, Bungoma County Kick Out Preliminary Survey Works For Phase 3 Water Project

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has kick-started the preliminary survey works for the construction of phase 3 water project.

The complete Phase 1 water project in Terem, Kapkateny ward was constructed at a cost of Sh500 million while phase 2 was constructed to a tune of Sh600 million.

Phase 3 water project is expected to be constructed in Kaptama ward, Mt Sub County.

Koica officials together with Bungoma Deputy Governor Janepher Mbatiany visited Terem (Phase 1) and Phase 2 construction of water supply system in Kubra, Chepyuk ward Mt Elgon Constituency.

“Phase 3 of the KOICA Project will cover Sosio -Kamukuywa -Webuye and Tongaren in Bungoma County,” said Mbatiany.
She added, “This project is the result of a remarkable partnership between Bungoma County and the Republic of South Korea.We also want to assess the progress and impact of the projects already done,to the residents of Bungoma,”.
Mbatiany stated that the ambitious water project has the potential to serve over 250,000 residents in Bungoma County, particularly in Mt. Elgon, Tongaren, Kimilili, and Webuye Sub-Counties.

“Access to clean and safe water is a fundamental human right, and through this project, we are working towards fulfilling this basic need for our people. The impact will be felt not only in the daily lives of our residents but also in the development and prosperity of our county,” she said.

Mbatiany said the transformative ‘Construction of the Water Supply System Project in Chwele Area, Bungoma County’ (KOICA 1), commissioned in 2018, has been a lifeline for over 60,000 residents.

“It has provided clean and safe water to households, schools, and businesses, improving the quality of life and
health for our people,” she said.

Second, the ‘Construction of Water Supply System for Chepyuk Ward – Kibabii Complex in Bungoma County, Kenya’ (KOICA 2), is expected to serve more than 80,000 residents upon its completion later this year.

She noted that these projects are not just about infrastructure; they are about the well-being and future of our communities. The foresight ensures the sustainability of these projects and reinforces the value of our partnership.
These endeavors demonstrate your commitment to not only building facilities but also training our county officers in operation and maintenance procedures.

“The upcoming phase, marks another significant step in our journey towards ensuring water security and sanitation for our people,” she said.

Bungoma County is wholeheartedly committed to this project’s success and is prepared to set aside a counterpart budget to facilitate efficient project implementation.

She said the County government has already begun the process of engaging landowners for the proposed sites, such as the treatment plant, which are crucial for the project’s success.

In addition to this, she further said that they are working towards expanding access through last-mile connectivity, ensuring that even the most remote areas benefit from this life-changing project.

“I want to express our deepest gratitude for your continued support and unwavering partnership, the Republic of South Korea has shown us that meaningful international collaborations can create a profound impact on the lives of ordinary citizens,” she said.
Water CEC Herbert Kibunguchy pointed out that a paltry 25 percent of Bungoma population can access clean water and wants to move it to the country’s percentage of 57 percent.

“With the planned construction of Water system in Kaptama with the funding from the Korean government we will be able to reach all people, let them enjoy the natural resources,” he said.

Koica Country director Zinxi confirmed their commitment in the provision of sustainable and clean water which will benefit 50 percent of the Bungoma population.

Present Water Chief Officer Stephen Makhanu, County Assembly Water committee Chairman Edwin Opwora, Lake Victoria North Water Services and Nzowasco officials among others

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