Kore Thanks Selfless Teachers


Mandera South MP Abdul Haro Kore has taken a moment to thank magnanimously teachers who have sacrificed a lot to mark exams despite flooding.

“Supervising national exams in Elwak has been a daunting task due to flooding disaster in the region but teachers supervising exams have shown great sense of patriotism and sense of duty… thumbs up 👍 for teachers Mohamud Tulicha, Said Hassan Ali and Abdullahi Robow who are supervising exams at Tawakal Mixed Secondary School in Elwak despite flooded school compounds and exam rooms…

The heavy impact of the current el-nino floods on schools will be known in the fullness of time but it is a fact that schools have suffered heavy physical and non-physical losses.

The current situation has even made it hard for children with disabilities or significant injuries or those who are sick from accessing educational services including the ongoing exams.”

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