Kumekucha!! Wedding Planner Hijacks Ceremony to Become the Bride in Kayole, Vows to Use Anything and Everything to Keep Husband

A bizarre incident occurred in Kayole, where a lady leading the race to be the trophy wife was overtaken to the podium by her wedding planner. Those of us who had been invited to the wedding were shocked when we received yet another invitation card days before the main event, with the name of the bride changing from Maureen Ouma to Lucy Adama. This came as a surprise, as Lucy was the one supposed to be making sure Maureen walks down the aisle in style.

It gets better, as Lucy, the groom-snatcher decided to leave every detail of the venue and decoration intact, without even bothering to change the guests list or the color of the table cloths.

Those who called Maureen, myself included, were flabbergasted to find out that she too was going to attend the wedding!! I personally expected drama, the kind that I wasn’t gonna miss. Lucy also swore that she was willing to do anything and everything to hold onto Michael the groom, as she hurriedly shared photos of them kissing on the WhatsApp group, the same one previously dedicated for Michael and Maureen.

Unfortunately, the ceremony went as planned. Maureen got there early, dressed in pink, sporting a pony tail and flat army-like shoes, ready for war. But, when the time came, the most crucial moment to throw a tantrum, kick the wedding cake or scream insanities to the bride, she didn’t, much to my disappointment. I got curious as to what Lucy did to throw such a splendid occasion under such short notice, all the while making sure that nothing goes wrong, from all corners including her nemesis Maureen.

She didn’t hesitate to heap praise on a native doctor, Dr. Kazimoto. According to Lucy, when she realized that Michael is the perfect specimen of a man for her, anyone really to marry, she sought Love Charms from KAZIMOTO DOCTORS, which worked instantly and convinced Michael to turn his head and look away from Maureen to her. Well played Lucy, well played!! No wonder the whole affair was so smooth, like a kids’ buttocks. I couldn’t argue much, for I too intend to visit them. I have a secret admirer, and soon, very soon, you guys are going to see us trending on Twitter!!

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