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KVDA Sets Aside Sh100 Million For Drilling of Bore Holes in Kerio Valley

Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA) has set aside sh100 million for the drilling of boreholes in Kerio Valley

According to the KVDA Managing Director Sammy Naporos, this will help areas adversely affected by drought.
“As an Authority, we have set aside sh 100 million for drilling of boreholes in areas that have been affected by drought. This will help the affected people to get water for their families and animals. “said the KVDA Managing Director.

Naporos said the has led to the death of people and animals which has pushed the government to offer food and construction of dams in the areas that have been affected.

Naporos said the advancement of technology will help farmers to save water and cultivate plants that will mature after a short period of time giving them enough harvest.

“The advancement of technology will help farmers to store water and cultivate plants that take a short period to be ready therefore giving them enough food. With the new technology cases of drought and famine will be a thing of the past,” said Naporos.

He further revealed that the drought has not affected the production of honey.

“The drought has not affected the honey production because we only need little water for flowers on the trees so that the bees can get nectar to produce,” he added.

Kerio valley region is well known for large-scale honey production.

He said that KVDA has introduced a new species of grass, the African Foxtail grass that suits semi-arid and arid areas of Kerio Valley.

“The grass species is drought-resistant and will reduce the challenges of pasture that pastoralists face, often leading to inter-community conflict within the Kerio valley. We want to provide Kerio valley communities with an alternative animal feed that can be used during the dry season saving them from traveling long distances that would often lead to conflict with other pastoral communities,” said Naporos.

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