Lagos Man ,38 years old turns NGN 1000 into NGN 10 Million in just 6 months through Betting. This is what he did

A 38 years old Nigerian man by the name Joshua Eyitomilayo has surprised most people on social media after revealing how he managed to turn NGN 1000 into NGN 10 Million in just 6 months through betting. The father of three  who runs a restaurant business in Lagos says he started betting 6 years ago but most of the time he ended losing most of his money but that did not deter him from placing bets. His addiction to betting became so bad to a point where he used money from his business to bet and in most cases he ended up losing. Then early last year he was introduced by a friend to this amazing prediction platform called JokuBets and his life has never been the same again. We meet with him as he narrates to us about his success journey. 

“My name is Joshua Eyitomilayo and am 38 years old father of three. I started betting 6 years ago but i have never made any meaningful income since most of the time i ended up losing. It reached a point where i started using the money from my business in order to place bets which in most cases i ended up losing. I later realized the reason why i was losing is because of depending on poorly analyzed prediction and guesswork. Early last year i was introduced by a friend to this amazing prediction platform called JokuBets and my life has never been the same again. On JokuBets you will meet thousands of tipsters who sell sure predictions and at affordable price say NGN 200 only. I decided to try out this platform for one week and was surprised after winning bets the entire week and was sure i had landed on a genuine prediction platform. Tipsters on JokuBets are vetted and ranked according to their winning rate hence it becomes easy for a gambler to identify most profitable one and buy sure prediction from them,” he narrates.

JokuBets is a prediction platform which sole purpose is to connect gamblers to profitable tipsters. You can think of it as a marketplace for buying and selling betting Tips. Gone are the days when gamblers used to buy poorly analyzed prediction, with JokuBets a gambler is able to see a tipster rating and betting history before deciding whether to buy tips from them or not.

“I have been using JokuBets for more than one year now and it has changed my life completed. I managed to make more than NGN 10 Million after just 6 months of using this platform. I have been winning everyday ever since i started using JokuBets. It is a real and genuine prediction platform that i could urge any gambler will to make some extra income to give it a try. If you are a gambler and not using JokuBets then your are missing out bigtime. Betting has help me buy my first car and build a house for family. I don’t know how my life would have been if it was not for JokuBets,” he adds.

Getting started as a tipster is absolutely free but you get charged a small fee when your tips are bought. JokuBets is the most sure way of making passive income in Betting in Nigeria if you are good at analyzing football matches say NGN 20,000 everyday.

If you wish to make some extra income in Betting, Visit JokuBets and Get Started. You will thank us later.

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