Land Infested By Jinis Finally Casted Out By A Powerful Herbalist

KinuthiaWamalwa is a serial entrepreneur who managed to purchase several pieces of land across the country at only the age of 30 years. His great success was inspired by his father who was the bread winner to the family.

In 2014, Kinuthia purchased a 100 acre piece of land in Mombasa from a couple who were moving to the United States after they acquired a green card lottery that year.The location of the land had already wooed Kinuthia, and so he automatically purchased it without doing any background check up on it.

On the month of December, Kinuthia started getting reports from a number of his workers that a lot of weird things had been happening to them while working on the piece of land.

“Most of my workers complained of being slapped by unseen people, the attacks mainly happened while the workers were on their normal duties,” said Kinuthia.

The attack from the jinis became worse in the month of February, this made most of Kinuthia’s workers to resign which was a rare case. The rich father of three eventually decided to seek aid from a traditional herbalist known as KAZIMOTO DOCTORS to help tackle the jinis that had infested his land.

“I was amazed by how the herbalist easily casted the jinis away from my 100acre piece of land. He performed the spell all by himself and ordered the jinis to leave my property or face his wrath”, explainedKinuthia.

KAZIMOTO DOCTORS being the powerful being that he is, the jinis had no choice but to obey his command.

“My land is free from the coastal jinis, my workers are back and are currently working on my third building. There is no amount of thanks I can give to KAZIMOTO DOCTORS for his great work”, said Kinuthia happily.

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