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Langas Residents Want Kenya Power to Re-install Transformer they Took For Maintenance

Langas residents in Uasin Gishu county now want Kenya Power to reinstall a transformer thye took last week for maintenance.

Speaking to the press, Rev. Paul Mburu, said the power blackout has led to an increase in insecurity in the region.

“There has been a blackout in our region since Thursday after the Kenya power took their transformer leaving us in darkness. The rate of insecurity in the region has been on the rise following the heavy rainfalls that we are currently experiencing,” said Mburu while speaking to the press.

“In the past week, people have been attacked and their phones and money were stolen in the evening while going back to their houses. Cases of breaking into houses have also been reported. It is obvious that the perpetrators take advantage of the darkness in the region to commit this crime,” said Mburu.

Low productivity caused by the electricity outage has resulted in reduced income flow of people conducting their business activities in the region.

“A lot of businesses nowadays rely on electricity. Several businesses have been affected as a majority of businesses depend on power. We as parents have a lot on our plates. We are having a hard time, especially in these harsh economic times. We have bills to pay and we depend entirely on these businesses to sustain our families. KPLC should find a way of helping us as fast as possible,” added Mburu.

Parents in the region are also worried about the well-being of their children as they commute to and from school, wanting quick action to be taken.

“The school calendar has been affected since the coronavirus pandemic and the just ended elections. As a result, morning and evening remedial classes have been adjusted in the school calendar to compensate for the lost time. As parents, we are worried about the safety of our children as they go to school in the morning and as they come back in the evening. We are concerned and want power restored in our area,” said mama Shiro.

They said it’s sad that they missed the swearing-in of the 5th president William Samoei Ruto just due to power outrage.

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