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The County Government of Busia has partnered with Living Goods (LG) and Global Data Policy Centre in the implementation of telemedicine pilot project in Butula, Teso North and Bunyala Sub Counties.

Telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare from a distance using electronic information and technology such as computers, cameras, videoconferencing, satellites, wireless communications, and the Internet.
LG telemedicine project manager Furaha Telewa said that the project which is being conducted for a period of two years, is funded by Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF).

“The project has four main pillars that includes co-designing a telemedicine model with the County Government of Busia, embed the technology built on to the existing community and primary health service delivery, model something that is cost effective and sustainable as well as influence policy,”

He made the remarks at the Breeze hotel in Busia during a workshop attended by the County Health Management Team led by the Chief Officer in the Department of Health and Sanitation Jonathan Ino.
He added that: “Busia will be the second County Government that is having visibility at the National level on matters telemedicine. It is going to be the first intervention in Kenya where community health workers are involved in providing services,”

Ino said that the County Government will provide maximum support to ensure the project is successful considering that it will change the lives of residents.

“We are happy as a Government for you to experiment telemedicine. I urge the healthcare workers in the three Sub Counties where the project will be done to actualize it so that it can be expanded to the other four Sub Counties,” said the Chief Officer.

The LG Government Relations Manager Patrick Adera stressed that the project will not replace the existing system of management of emergency cases but will tap into the human resource at the community level.

“This will ensure that the Community Health Volunteers are properly used and their capacity enhanced digitally for purposes of providing timely response to households and reports to health facilities,” said Adera.

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