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Luo man from Nairobi turns Kes 1300 investment into Kes 10 million with 8 months, Buys Kikuyu wife a BMW car as birthday gift

31 year old Kevin oduor is not your regular guy, he managed to turn Kes 1300 investment into Kes 10 million within 8 months. Kevin works as an account in an NGO in Nairobi while his wife catherine works as a nurse. The are blessed with two children. We meet with him so that he can narrate to us about his success journey.

” I work as an accountant where i am being paid Kes 50,000. With two kids , this money is never enough since i have to pay rent, school fee and other bills which leaves me with nothing to save. So i started looking for other side hustles that could help supplement my income. I wanted something that i could also do while still working and at anytime and that when i started googling for online jobs that i could do.

Some jobs looked like scam but by good chance i landed to this amazing website called Zumo News and my life has never been the same again,” he narrates.

For beginners, Zumo News is an online job that allows its members to earn money through reading news, sharing on Facebook/Whatsapp and affiliate commission when you invite people to join.

The pay Kes 300 for every person that you invite to join hence if you invite 10 people in a day that alone will earn Kes 3000 clean money.

“To get started with Zumo News , all i needed was a laptop, internet connection and an Mpesa line for receiving payments. I paid Kes 1300 that was required as one-time registration fee and started working immediately. I received my first payment of Kes 65,000 after first week of joining and within the first month alone i had already made more than Kes 250,000. At this point i was really excited since i could tell that i had landed on a legit online job,” he says.

The good thing with Zumo News is that it can be done by anybody as long as you are willing learn hence it does not require any academic qualification for you to get started.

“I have worked on Zumo News for 15 months now and it has never disappointed me even once. Currently in a good month i make close to Kes 1 million just working online from home and this year alone i am on track to make Kes 10 million. I have bough a 4 bedroomed apartment and 2 cars thanks to this online job. A few weeks ago i decided to surprise my wife withn a BMW car as birthday gift. Nowadays i don’t see any other job that can make you good money while just working online from home except Zumo News ,”he says.

If you wish to make some meaningful income online, then Register on Zumo News and get started. You will thanks us later.

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