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Lusaka Commits to Run a Government That is Inclusive Of PWDs

Governor Kenneth Lusaka has committed to run a government that is inclusive of people living with disabilities, promising to fully implement disability mainstreaming practices.

Speaking when he met with the leadership of PWDs drawn from across the county in Kimilili, Lusaka announced that his next appointments will factor in people living with disability, citing the finance department which is headed by a member of PWDs.

“My Government is committed to mainstream disability issues in the county. I have instructed the Gender department to fast truck completion of the disability policy which provides for express structures and resources allocations proposals for disability services in the county” Said Lusaka.

Lusaka directed that a separate date to set out for distribution of fertilizer to persons living with disabilities to ensure they are not disadvantaged.

He further announced that PWDs will be exempted from paying the Ksh. 1000 County levy for traders.

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