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Lusaka confirms health workers on permanent terms, promises to employ more others

BUNGOMA governor Kenneth Lusaka has fulfilled his election pledge and confirmed several health workers who were working on contract basis to permanent basis.

Speaking while attending a health care stakeholders forum in a Bungoma hotel, Lusaka confirmed that his government has employed 184 health workers who were working on contract to permanent basis.

“During campaigns, I pledged that we will ensure that we confirm health workers working on contract to permanent basis and that is what we have exactly done, “He said.

In addition the county boss said the county government will next week employ 20 doctors and 86 nurses in a bid to boost service delivery.

Lusaka at the same time announced an increase of the monthly stipend for the community health workers (CHVS)from 2000ksh to 4000 ksh .

“I was the first governor to start giving this community based health workers some stipends but when I left they were neglected, I have since increased their stipends and will ensure it is paid in time,”Said Lusaka.

The governor further said his government will ensure an enabling environment for partners in the health sector who play a crucial role.

He however warned the health managers against wanton corruption because I have zeroed on the existing cartels.

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