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Lusaka Pumps 32 Million Into Town Street Lighting

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka has today launched the county wide street lighting program at a cost of Ksh.32 million.

In his address at Kiwanja Ndege today, Lusaka said the street lighting will ensure a 24 hour economy while at the same time changing the face of the town.

He further said the street lighting will not only enhance security in Bungoma town but also ensure traders continue with their business till late.

“Woe unto those who have been taking advantage of the darkness to perpetuate crime in Bungoma town, because finally there is light,” said Lusaka.

He added that the street lighting scheme will spread to the entire county just like he had promised during his campaigns.

The governor warned those fond of vandalizing the street lights of dire consequences if found.

“I plead with our people not to engage in vandalism, anyone who will be found will carry his own cross,” he warned.

Lusaka also hinted that to further development in the region saying President William Ruto will be in county in due time to launch the affordable housing project at Musikoma.

“President William Ruto will be in Bungoma in the coming weeks to launch the affordable housing project at Musikoma,” said governor Lusaka.

Trade, Energy and Industrialization County Executive Committee Member Ms Caro Khalayi Makali promised to ensure the extensive street lighting covers all towns in the county.

“ I want to assure you that as a ministry we shall do everything within our means to ensure you deliver the promises you made to the residents including installation of streetlights in every market,” said CEC Makali.

Bungoma County Assembly Deputy Speaker Stephen Wamalwa pledged the assembly’s’ commitment to support the governor to fulfil his agenda for the people of Bungoma.

“I want to assure governor Lusaka of the assembly commitment to fully support the governor to ensure he delivers his agenda,” said Mca Wamalwa.

Bungoma County Assembly Energy Committee chairman Ipara Okasida pledged to fully support governor Lusaka initiative of lighting up the markets and towns across the county.

“We will fully back our governor Kenneth Lusaka in his bid to ensure a befitting business environment for our residents through installation of street lights,” said Okasida.

He also urged the governor to put up modern markets in Mt Elgon, Tongaren and Malakisi as well as lighting them up.

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