Lydia from Kinangop Reveals Trick She Used To Get Her Irresponsible Baby Daddy To Co- Parent With Her

Single parenting can be tough at times as the Kenyan economy is harsh and requires only people who are financially stable to survive in it. I’m Lydia Cheroo from Kinangop and I can relate the feeling of raising a kid on your own especially when you have no job and partner by your side. After my baby daddy Brian impregnated me, he took the news in a jovial mood and promises that he would put his life on stake in order for me and his son to have a good soft and lavish lifestyle. I was convinced that he was happy with the news not knowing that he was buying time so that he may get an escape route for him to escape and avoid facing the consequences of his actions.

He was so charming and sweet for around two months until I couldn’t see his display picture on WhatsApp and none of his calls would go through. I tried reaching out to him but never managed to. I called him using my friends phone and he picked up and upon hearing my voice he hanged up telling me that he was too young to be a father. I was so heartbroken and confused of what to tell my parents. I knew that I was on my own and raising my son wasn’t easy. Buying diapers, milk, baby jelly and clothes were a challenge that I won’t be able to forget.

I struggled for two years and it came to my attention that I couldn’t manage on my own since I had no source of income and jobless only busking at my parents’ house the whole day begging them to hell me raise my kid. I came across a reputable native doctor from Kitengela town called Dr. KAZIMOTO who had powerful spells that had helped many single mothers get their deadbeat baby daddies become responsible. I called him and explained my y situation to him and he comforted me by assuring me of help. He cared his Powerful Spells that worked instantly and few days later Brian was back and responsible trying to make up for lost time. For the past four years he has been handling my bills and paying my rent. Our son also joined school this year and Brian has been catering for all his needs. He even helped me start my salon business by funding my capital and I can’t complain since my life had been transformed thanks to the help of KAZIMOTO DOCTORS.

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