Machakos Man in Relief After Overcoming 5 Years Of Pain And Suffering For Impregnating A Young Lady

Nathaniel Musyoka narrates how he has been living in a suffering and painful lifestyle after he ran away from responsibilities after impregnating a certain girl he was dating. He was on holiday at his relative’s place where he met Mukami a beautiful and charming young lady that went on to fall in love with each other and went on and started dating. At that time, Nathaniel’s life was progressing on well since he had been hired by a reputable Chinese company where he would earn huge salary.

Nathaniel narrates how he spent a whole year dating Mukami who he later on impregnated and upon Mukami breaking the news to him, he denied the pregnancy and threatened to arrest her. He had money and power that made him sure of manipulating the law. The reaction of Nathaniel’s once-sweet boyfriend shocked Mukami and she had to seek fir ways and advises from friends after thinking about abortion since she was not in a stable position to raise the kid on her own. She was young and had just completed high school waiting to enroll in the University.

She felt like all her dreams were shuttered after being impregnated by Nathaniel. She suffered for a whole month without knowing what to do since Nathaniel had cut off communications with her by blocking her. She came across KAZIMOTO DOCTORS from Kitengela town and inquired fir their help to revenge what Nathaniel had did to her.

KAZIMOTO DOCTORS had been dealing with such issues and that was a tiny one since they handled it within minutes. They casted Powerful spells that turned Nathaniel’s life to a living hell. Nathaniel suffered fir five years after being fired and weird scenarios taking place in his life and had to seek fir Mukami to apologize. He narrates that whenever he slept he would have nightmares of Mukami and his child chasing him and hunting him down. He came to Mukami and apologized for running way and was required to pay a hefty fine of ksh 90,000 to KAZIMOTO DOCTORS to reverse their spells. Ever since his life transformed to the better and he’s now married to Mukami and they enjoy a happy life.

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